Environmental Policy has established to designate the principals of Kayıtes Environmental Management System. It includes all the operations that affect Kayıtes Engineerings actions directly or indirectly.


General Principals

As our vision to manufacture the highest efficiency and the most environmental-friendly products Kayıtes created and declared Environmental Policy which includes following:

  • We see all kinds of waste disposal as a loss of natural resources thus we develop systems to reduce the amount of waste,
  • Develops methods to protect natural resources like water and air,
  • To prevent losses and to save the environment Environmental Management System is monitored, measured and improved,
  • By acknowledging that every action has an effect on environment, the methods of manufacturing that is compatible with nature are used,
  • To leave a healthy and clean environment for the generations to come and to control the effect on the environment, Policy dictates making analysis, sets objectives and  monitors performance regularly,
  • Encourage recycling and reusing of the waste of actions in plant,
  • Ensures the system performance with a chain of responsibilities with the principal that environment only improves when everybody works for it,
  • Makes plans for situations like accidents or emergencies caused by our operations, to minimize the effect on the environment.